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The Scottish Posture and Mobility Network (SPMN) is an organisation that aims to advance the education of persons involved in the provision of posture and mobility services for people with physical disability, illness or impairment in Scotland. Formerly the Scottish Seating and Wheelchair Group (SSWG), SPMN has been established in recognition that users of wheelchairs and special seating invariably require the gamut of physical management... (continued)

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      Following a recent ballot, the membership of SPMN have voted overwhelmingly to dissolve the organisation and transfer membership and assets to PMG - this decision was ratified at an EGM on 27th March 2012.

      Subject to acceptance of the proposal by PMG. This proposal was accepted by PMG at the PMG National Training Event Annual General Meeting in April 2012.

      All current members of SPMN have had their membership transferred to PMG and have been contacted directly to confirm this.

      Work is taking place to develop a Scottish Promotional Group within PMG to reflect the needs of past members of SPMN.

      For information on these activities and if you have an interest in posture and mobility please redirect your browser to

      See you there.

      James Hollington, Scottish Promotional Group, on behalf of Posture and Mobility Group, 17th September 2012.

      NB All SPMN members should cancel their standing orders with immediate effect.

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What does SPMN do?

SPMN promotes and organises scientific and educational meetings to improve the knowledge and understanding of professionals and users of posture and mobility services.   

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We offer annual individual and corporate membership for £15 and £60 respectively.

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